April 2024
Congratulations Carson on being accepted as a gradPhD graduate student in USC, California.

April 2024
Congratulations Carson for receiving the ACS Undergraduate award in Physical Chemistry! Also, congrats Carson and Sabrina for receiving ACS certification.

March 2024
We welcome Hind Alrushud as a PhD student into our group!

December 2023
Congratulations to Vaibhav on receiving Daniel Swern fellowship award for outstanding research for the 2022-2023 Academic Year!

December 2023
Mohammed Sorour has successfully defended his thesis dissertation on accurate modeling of spectral signatures in excitonically coupled Cy3 dimers in solution and dsDNA . Congratulations Dr. Sorour!!

August 2023
We are excited to welcome Jose F Mendez-Guerra as an undergrad researcher to our group!

April 2023
Congratulations to Chris, our undergraduate member for receiving the ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

January 2023
Dr. Divya Tripathi has joined our group from India as our new postdoc member! Welcome Divya!!

December 2022
Congratulations to Mohammed on receiving Daniel Swern fellowship award for outstanding research, Guy Allen award for outstanding teaching and Student/Trainee grant award from American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT) for the 2021-2022 Academic Year!

December 2022
We are excited to welcome new graduate student, Maneesh and undergraduate student, Sabrina to our group!

September 2022
Pratip’s feature article on Nonadiabatic Excited State Dynamics of Organic Chromophores: Take-Home Messages is featured on the cover of the latest edition of JPCA!

August 2022
Vaibhav’s work on Stable excited dication: trapping on the S1 state of formaldehyde dication after strong field ionization is published in PCCP as a HOT article! This work is also displayed in the front cover of latest edition of PCCP!

August 2022
Mushir successfully defended his dissertation on Development and benchmarking of Hermitian and non-Hermitian methods for negative ion resonances. Congratulations Dr. Thodika!!

July 2022
Salabil successfully defended her dissertation on Uncovering radiative and non-radiative decay pathways of n-cyanoindole fluorescent probes in aqueous solution. Congratulations Dr. Abou-Hatab!!

May 2022
We are excited to welcome new undergraduate researcher, Christian to our group!

May 2022
Congratulations to Nick Baker on his graduation from Temple with a Bachelors in Biochemistry!

April 2022
Congratulations to Salsabil and Mushir for receiving the doctoral dissertation grant from CST!

March 2022
Congratulations to Vaibhav on successfully defending his original research proposal on The photochemistry of peroxynitric acid (HO2NO2) in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere and his elevation to candidacy!!

December 2021
We are excited to welcome new graduate student, Dakshitha and undergraduate student, Jordan to our group!

December 2021
Farewell Cate, and many congratulations on your appointment as a research associate at the University of York!! We wish you all the best!

May 2021
Excited to have two new undergraduate researchers join us! Welcome Nick and Griffin!!

May 2021
Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers, Khai and Nathan on their graduation! Both of them had worked remotely for the entirety of their research and we are super proud of their accomplishments.

May 2021
Mohammed successfully defended his original research proposal on The role of 5-methylcytosine hydoxylation in the modulation of the photochemical formulation of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer: A theoretical study. Congratulations Mohammed on your elevation to Ph.D. candidacy!!

Feb 2021
Salsabil successfully defended her original research proposal on A rationale for designing Aβ oligomer-specific near-infrared fluorescent imaging probes for early-stage diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Congratulations Salsabil on becoming a Ph.D. candidate!!

December 2020
Congratulations to Mushir on winning the Francis H. Case fellowship award for outstanding research this year!!

November 2020
Congratulations to Pratip for successfully defending his dissertation titled Investigating ultrafast photoexcited dynamics of organic chromophores on 19th November 2020. He will be starting his postdoctoral work at Rutgers University with Dr. Rick Remsing in February. All the very best to you Dr Chakraborty!!

May 2020
Congratulations to Drew and Cam on their graduation. We are incredibly proud of our undergraduate researchers! Starting this fall, Drew will continue his research career in the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania as a graduate student. Keep going, Drew!!

May 2020
Salsabil received the 2020 First Summer Research Initiative Award! Congratulations Salsabil!!

March 2020
Mushir successfully defended his Original Research Proposal on Modeling the Reaction Dynamics of Metastable anions. Congratulations Mushir on becoming a Ph.D candidate!!

March 2020
Dr. Vincent Spata is back in our group as a post-doc! We are excited to have him here :) Welcome Vince!!

January 2020
Dr. Cate Anstöter has joined our group from Durham as our new postdoc member! Welcome Cate!!

August 2019
We are excited to welcome Vaibhav as our new graduate student.

December 2018
Article on Intersystem crossing in the exit channel with collaborator Arthur Suits published in Nature Chemistry!

December 2018
Dr. Patricia Vindel Zandbergen joined the group as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome Patricia!

December 2018
Mohammed Sorour joined the group as a graduate student. Welcome Mohammed!

August 2018
Chemical Reviews thematic issue on Theoretical Modeling of Excited State Processes co-edited by Matsika is published!

September 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Karsili for his new position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

Our work made it to a journal cover twice recently! Check out ChemPhysChem and JACS!

We are extremely proud of our undergraduate students in the group! Recent achievements:

We are excited to welcome Salsabil, Mushir and Mohammad to our group!

Our paper on dynamics of radical cations is featured as 2016 JCP Editors’ Choice

Congratulations to Chey Jones for being awarded a 2017 NSF GRFP and the Scholastic Achievement Award in Chemistry by the Philadelphia Section of the American Chemical Society!

Congratulations to Salsabil Abou-Hatab for being accepted to the PhD program at Temple University!

Prof. Spiridoula Matsika receives the 2016 CST Dean’s Distinguished Award for Excellence in Research.

Dr. Vincent Spata defended his PhD on April 17, 2016. Congratulations Dr. Spata!

Our paper on DNA photolyase is accepted at Chemistry-A European Journal

Our paper on pyrrolocytosine is accepted to Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. Congratulations Quynh on your first first author paper!

Congratulations to Salsabil Abou-Hatab for graduating from Temple University with her B.Sc. in Chemistry!

Dr. Zhen Lu defended his PhD on Friday, April 3, 2015. Congratulations Dr. Lu!

Vince Spata received an award for his poster at the 249th ACS National Meeting in Denver. Congratulations Vince!

Prof. Matsika named Fellow of the American Physical Society

New record for the group: 10 publications in 2012, including publications in JACS and PRL, and 13 in 2013.

Dr. Matsika received an Humboldt Fellowship for experienced researchers to spend a sabbatical in Germany.

Dr. Matsika delivered the 2012 Löwdin lectures at Uppsala University!

February 2014
Dr. Wook Lee joined our group as a Postdoctoral fellow. Welcome Wook!